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A Green Manufacturer

In order to increase our organizational sustainability, Royal Envelope is very focused on limiting our impact on the environment because it's the right thing to do - for our customers, our communities and our children. Going "green" doesn't just make good sense from a community perspective, it also makes good business sense.

As part of the Industrial Rebuild Program, the City of Chicago Department of Environment recognized Royal Envelope for making our plant-facility more energy efficient. Some of the power we use comes from renewable energy sources like wind farms. We also reduce our impact on the environment by recycling scrap paper, metals, plastics and implementing energy efficient processes.

Proud to be FSC® Certified

fsc logoRoyal Envelope is FSC® certified, which shows that comply with the highest social and environmental standards on the market. The Forest Stewardship Council™ is an independent organization that oversees the forests of the world. Royal Envelope is certified to offer FSC® paper, which guarantees that the paper we use comes from trees that are not harvested from any old world forest or national forest. You can get more information about the FSC® at their website -

Using responsible forested paper products helps. Many regions around the world have added to their forests since 2000. In fact, there are more trees in the United States now than there were in 1930.

The paper used to manufacture these envelopes came from responsibly managed forests. Royal Envelope is certified to handle, print and sell FSC® certified paper by maintaining a strict chain of custody.