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Quality Control

The key ingredient to Quality cannot be purchased, downloaded, stolen, copied or even faked.  It is Attitude, Attitude, and more Attitude.  

Every company in the world claims that quality is important.  Here is how you can tell if they are telling the truth.

  • Does it start at the top?  Is there a true commitment of time, resources, and money allocated?
  • Are pay raises and reviews based solely on volume reports?
  • Do they purchase the cheapest raw materials or do they develop relationships with their vendors?
  • Who can shut down a running machine?
  • What is included in the training programs?
  • Is their a true preventive maintenance schedule?

Of course Royal has instituted many check points, procedures, and policies to help guide the way.

  • 2 employees whose only job is Quality Control
  • All raw materials approved only by Rob Biester or John Pusatera
  • Clients written specs checked by three people to our written order.
  • Three people check all proofs against specs.
  • On Machines, person who sets up a job must have job approved by two other people.
  • Glue Test.  First carton of every hour kept to the side for one hour to check glue.
  • A sample is time stamped every half hour.
  • Jobs are approved from scratch every shift.
  • Cartons are numbered.  Cartons are logged into a time sheet.  This allows us to trace any carton to any employees and know within a half hour of when it was folded.