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About Royal Envelope

A Family Run, Customer Focused Company

Royal Envelope is a family-owned envelope manufacturing and lithography company located in Chicago. Our father started Royal Envelope in 1978 as a matter of pride and a desire to prove to himself that he could be a successful entrepreneur. Tony Pusatera left a similar position at Missouri Envelope that offered a great living and financial security. Even through all of the various ups and downs a company can have, Tony never regretted starting Royal Envelope. Tony passed away in 2004 leaving the company in the hands of his three sons. All of us joined the company early in our lives and are all tied as intimately to Royal as Tony was.

We were taught that successful companies are built with a long term approach in mind. This is true for investments in people, vendors, and clients. Rarely does a company stay in business when the focus is the short term. This leads to ill advised cost cutting, cheap materials, and short changing the clientele.

We continually look to the future. Our capital investments are meant to bring a twenty-year return. We choose and train our employees with the belief that they will be part of our family for decades to come. Most importantly we understand that our clients are also in business to stay profitable which will keep us employed. For that to happen, we need to be the ONE...the one company you believe in, the one company you feel comfortable with and the one company you have the most confidence in.

There is always that one vendor that handles your most difficult jobs seamlessly. Knowing that you can move on to the next project because the current project is safely in the hands of your trusted vendor.

That is who Royal Envelope is.


John Pusatera
Mike Pusatera
Matt Pusatera